Product Management: Building Great Products

A step-by-step guide to design-led product management
Lecture: Introduction to Product Management
14 mins
Your project
Project Brief
50.9 KB
Project Pattern Cards
19.4 KB
Project Transcription Utterances
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Moving from Data to Insight
Lecture: From Data to Insights
18 mins
Assignment 1: Move from Data to Insight
Insight Combination
Lecture: Insight Combination
15 mins
Assignment 2: Perform an Insight Combination
2x2 Analysis
Lecture: 2x2 Analysis
9 mins
Assignment 3: Perform a 2x2
"Ability To Capability Statements"
Lecture: "Ability To" Capability Statements
8 mins
Assignment 4: Develop "Ability To" Statements
Box on the Shelf
Lecture: Box On The Shelf
8 mins
Assignment 5: Build the Box On The Shelf
Product Roadmapping
Lecture: Product Roadmapping
9 mins
Assignment 6: Create the Product Roadmap
Lecture: Conclusion
2 mins
Slides: Introduction to the Course
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Slides: From Data to Insight
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Slides: Insight Combination
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Slides: Product Management
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Slides: "Ability To" Capability Statements
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Slides: Box On The Shelf
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Slides: Product Roadmapping
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Slides: Conclusion
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